During the COVID-19 | Coronavirus lockdowns it became clear to many businesses that they will have to use the Internet much more, from now, on to drive leads and new clients to their website. Read here how you can drive visitors to your website using a new channel.

As you know, social media sites and search engines use algorithms to decide where they send the traffic, and with algorithms, it's difficult to control where the traffic goes. Even with emails, it has become increasingly difficult to get them read, as they often end up in the ‘promotions tab' to never be seen.

However, there is a new tool to subscribe visitors to your website and to send them messages about the news you just published. The inventor of this tool has almost 700,000 subscribers.

3 Key Points:

  • Using this new notifications tool, your subscribers don't need to open emails to see your messages
  • You do not have to rely on search engine algorithms to drive traffic to your website
  • Get leads with ‘push notifications', so subscribers get your messages whenever they use their browser.

“What’s cool about push notifications is that anytime someone visits your website you can ask them to subscribe to your site.” Neil Patel

Want this new free tool set up on your website so you can subscribe website visitors to receive your messages, without having to use e-mails? Learn more.

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