So what is the difference between Guest blogging and Guest Podcasting?

Well, for one it is an alternate forum to gain new listeners and followers for what is being promoted. There are many folks who don't enjoy reading and there is limited amounts of folks who're willing to go back to blogs unless there's a good reason to return. With podcasting, there's a broader audience and if your information or brand is similar to what your guest podcasting is about, then you'll potentially can gain hundreds or more keen, new followers.

Using podcasting as well as other social media to post it with, also helps, especially with an area for people to chat and discuss what they've heard and or read. This is a great way to become used to podcasting if you're new to the scene. So take heed and have fun becoming a podcast guest before starting something of your own.

Key Points:

  • You’ll reach an entirely new, engaged audience
  • You can improve trust, credibility, and relationships
  • You only need to put in minimal effort
  • Why Guest Podcasting rather than hosting your own podcast?
  • This is how Jeff Large at Come Alive Creative breaks down podcast expenses:
    • $100 – $300/hour for consultation and training
    • $10-50/month for membership sites
    • $500 – $1000/month for weekly episode editing
    • $1/minute for transcriptions
    • This brings the total to between $1200 and $4000 per month just to run your podcast.
    • And this is before any kind of marketing!
  • You’ll have loads of great, high-quality content at the end of your show
  • Your listeners are more likely to stay engaged until the end

Key Takeaways:

  • Guest posting is great but it has its limitations, one being that your reach is not diversified. That is where guest podcasting really works.
  • Guest podcasting can improve your trust and credibility because the host has already seen something in you that made him or her have you on their show.
  • You do not have to put so much effort in guest podcasting. Marketing, promotions or listeners are already provided by your host.
  • If you’re only focusing on how you can use blog posts to expand your audience, there are only so many new customers you can attract. By expanding your reach into the world of podcasting, you can reach new individuals and dip into a new form of content.

[social_quote duplicate=”yes” align=”default”]”One of the biggest reasons marketers choose to create a guest blogging strategy is to expand their audience and reach new potential customers.”[/social_quote]


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