In 2020, capturing attention is going to get even more competitive in the financial services industry but there's good news for you:

People crave your expertise. Financial services content is on the rise.

Companies that want to stand out and lead the industry need to consider the entire content life-cycle: the creative process, compliance, sales enablement, content distribution.

Tactics for financial services marketing: use Infographics and videos, they are popular.

Drive conversions by creating buyer enablement content. Work with your compliance department to discover strong solutions that work with oversight groups.

5 Key Takeaways from 2,292 financial services content pieces (Fortune 500 brands):

  1. Create social videos and infographics
  2. Invest in paid distribution
  3. Develop buyer ‘enablement' content to drive conversions
  4. Focus on employee education and advocacy
  5. Get creative with compliance

Competition for attention has never been higher in content marketing. Firms are battling against each other while trying to hold off a surge of new fintech competitors and startups! Consumers, meanwhile, want financial guidance; they’re just not sure who to get it from.

“Finserv companies allocated an average of $23.3 million for their content marketing budgets. This number includes content creation, distribution, technology, and talent,” says Jordan Teicher, editor and writer for Contently.

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