Digital marketing is awash with data.

Customer data, sales data, and hundreds of other key performance indicators overload our minds.

Emotions and FeelingsAs digital marketers, we often forget a basic truth about the customer: they are human, and have human emotions and feelings.

We appeal to the logic of their purchasing behavior, but we definitely should spend equal energy focusing on empathizing with them.

This human factor can be dissected and quantified, as we trace their needs and wants, and deliver them personalized and unique content.


3 Key Takeaways:

  1. Marketing is currently heavily focused on data, how and why the customer consumes what they do.
  2. It's easy to overlook the human factor of the consumer, their emotions and feelings.
  3. An ideal marketing strategy will include both data-driven facts and careful consideration of the consumer's feelings.

“… as we head towards 2020 (and beyond), I worry that marketers are starting to rely too much on data,” says Joe Lazauskas, Head of Marketing @ Contently. Author of the Storytelling Edge.

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