What does 2018 hold for marketers and advertisers?

Machine learning is on the rise, and not [only] in a way that involves robots taking over the planet. Machines are going to pay more attention to human behavior in 2018. This is going to make a huge difference because people are going to make a larger note of robot and computer based intelligence.


Areas where machine learning plays a role:

  • SEO: It all started with RankBrain, Google’s machine learning system that’s used to help process its search results, which is now a part of Google’s search algorithm. Basic SEO research is going to be very important for a number of different companies.
  • Lead Generation: Predictive analytics from machine learning can translate into predictive lead scoring, identifying prospects similar to existing customers, and segmenting leads for personalized messaging. [social_quote duplicate=”yes” align=”default”]Lead generation is one place where computerized intelligence is going to make the biggest difference.[/social_quote]
  • Content and Email Marketing: Machine learning tools can help you get more reach for your content based on audience segments (like with Atomic Reach) and send tailored emails based on buying behaviors.
  • PPC: Machine learning in PPC includes features like AdWords Smart Bidding and Smart Display campaigns, which have the potential to increase conversions by learning from collected performance and traffic data and acting based on those learnings.

Who Does Machine Learning, AI in Marketing, Well?

Salesforce has built Einstein: their suite of products that use machine learning and artificial intelligence to help marketers (among others) do their job better.

This includes product recommendations based on customer behavior, engagement prediction, image recognition on social media, and deep insights into customer journeys.

Salesforce Einstein

Black Diamond, a brand known for their climbing, skiing, and hiking products, used Einstein and increased their conversion rate by 9.6% and revenue by 15% with personalized product recommendations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Machine learning is going to be making an impact in SEO, PPC, Content and Email marketing, along with Lead Generation to make marketing easier
  • Marketing automation is on the rise yet again and will help segment leads, retain customers, and follow up leads by tailoring the email to each recipient
  • Video is continuing to take up more traffic every year, and using video in your organization will increase market qualified leads, brand growth, and revenue


“You’ll notice a common thread in the four trends in this article: they all involve being more human with our audience.”


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