Data research team, Contently, examined the workflow of over 13,000 content pieces and discovered something interesting: Believe it or not, one's content marketing ROI can be enhanced by deadlines.

However, they can't just be any deadlines.

For instance, deadlines that are self-imposed are not as affected as they can keep getting pushed back.

When deadlines were documented, a more defined accountability rested on the shoulders of the taskmaster. As a result, they usually procrastinated less and got the job done.

3 Key Takeaways:

  1. Prioritizing deadlines will not only help your business flow but mentally it will ease your mind.
  2. A study from Contently's data science team showed that stories with deadlines were able to be finished within 28 days while without deadlines it took up to 48 days to complete.
  3. Not only will you be holding yourself accountable, but your habits of finishing on time will also continuously repeat themselves leading to an efficient level of output.

“The results showed a strong correlation between setting deadlines for your content and completing projects quicker.”