Are you in the market for content software?

Try these three tips first before you buy anything.

Decide if you want software that covers every stage of your content's life, such as its planning, production, its distribution, and its analysis.

Or you might want your purchase to focus on one aspect of the content you're providing, also known as point solutions.

Content Marketing SoftwareMake sure all the pertinent team members are involved in the purchasing decision so you get a product that benefits everyone.

Finally, collect and rank any and all qualifying questions.

3 Key Takeaways from the article:

  1. There are two ways to approach managing content: content marketing platforms (CMP) or point source solutions.
  2. One should form a strategic team to select the content manager that includes key people who will use, manage, and service the tools.
  3. A selection process should include key questions and issues generated by the team to tailor the solution to the company.

“Content alone earns itself an entire column in this monstrosity of a diagram (it’s in the orange), and content marketing (the fourth box down) gets its own jam-packed section.”

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