B2B communication and marketing both share a common necessity, communication!

In the case of a client called Ageas, they shared that oftentimes B2B communication can be both monotonous and boring and exciting content is hard to find.

With this, a plethora of short videos was implemented to introduce brokers to Ageas in a fun, content way that can be shared across all social media platforms.

The campaign has been alive for over six months and is moving to the next level. Hence, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have all been introduced to the innovative B2B communication.

Ultimately, Ageas have been able to inform, educate, entertain and delight brokers, with the campaign generating significant engagement to-date.

Key campaign highlights include:

  • Engagement rates on LinkedIn regularly hitting 2-3% against an industry avg. 0.6%-1.09%, and impressions consistently reaching >6,000.
  • The campaign video was viewed >1,500 times across YouTube and Twitter, and achieved 28,500 impressions from a sponsored LinkedIn post.
  • ‘Meet the crew behind you’ video series gaining >1,500 views, as well as being a big hit internally in promoting the broker team and their roles.

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