Karl zu Ortenburg Digital Marketing Automation Specialist

Karl Graf zu Ortenburg

Marketing automation was once reserved for only the financially most successful businesses.

We want to change that and show  how marketing automation can help your business to automate your marketing and sales engagement, generate more leads, close more deals, and prove the ROI of your marketing success.

My mission is to help business owners and managers to build a successful online business, simply because I believe that if we succeed at things we really like doing, its good for us and everyone around us. And as we are nowadays connected worldwide, whether you enjoy what you do, can have a greater impact on others than you might think.

Unfortunately the amount of clients we can take on for our ‘Consulting and Implementation Services' is limited. It simply takes quite some time to implement and execute lead generation and marketing automation solutions for clients. 

We are therefore in the process of developing various courses that businesses can use to automate their marketing by themselves.