Twitter says about mobile video: “Video is a powerful medium to share stories, evoke emotion and drive action. As our latest research shows, video on Twitter today is mobile, fuels discovery and drives engagement.

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The social network also looked to highlight the power of video on the site, revealing that on average posts containing video content are retweeted six times more than those without.

Infographic Video on Twitter

Twitter Users Love VIDEO – Expressly On MOBILE

The majority of Twitter users (82%) watch video content on Twitter and most watch on a hand-held screen. A staggering 90% of Twitter video views happen on a mobile device, according to Twitter’s own internal data. But Twitter users don’t just lean back and watch video; they also lean in to create videos. Twitter users are 1.9x more likely to have uploaded a video online (anywhere) than the average U.S. internet user.

What types of video do users want more of on Twitter? Among users that have seen the following types of video content, many would like to see more of the same on Twitter, including

  • breaking news (64%),
  • clips from live sports shows (54%) and
  • clips from TV shows (50%).

And Twitter users say they want to see more videos from three top sources:

  • celebrities (45%),
  • other users (40%) and
  • brands (37%).

90% of Twitter Video Views Happen On a Mobile Device

In fact, 90 percent of videos viewed on Twitter are being watched on a tablet or smartphone worldwide, according to the report.

Image: Venturebeat

Image: Venturebeat

Perhaps the piece of data that Twitter finds most valuable in the report is that 70 percent of users actually watch the videos found in their feed. That means people are discovering new video content on Twitter, a key insight for advertisers considering running campaigns on the platform.

Twitter advertisers are also seeing Promoted Video on Twitter drive strong engagement:

  • @PaigeDenim used Promoted Video to take fashion lovers behind the scenes of its spring collection and drove more new visitor traffic to the Paige website from Twitter than any other digital platform.
  • @truTV turned to Promoted Video to change perception among NCAA basketball fans during #MarchMadness, which contributed to a 545% increase in positive brand sentiment, according to data from Crimson Hexagon.

How To Share videos on Twitter

Share Or Upload Your Video To Twitter

Mobile Video Usage and Advertising Statistics

Image: Businessofapps

Image: Businessofapps

According to a study from IAB last year, video is on the rise with 35% of respondents viewing content on mobile devices. Consumption was even higher in the US (50%), Canada (42%), New Zealand (42%), South Africa (42%), and the UK (40%).

Contrary to previous research, consumers aren’t shying away from viewing longer content on their mobiles. Over 36% said they watched videos 5min+ in length on a daily basis.

Chinese viewers were found to be the most likely to view movies and TV shows on their mobile devices.

“The popularity of digital video is evident across small screens the world over. The fact that people are not only watching short snippets of programming, but committing to longer form content on their phones, opens doors for brands to be part of this impressive mobile engagement.


Today More Than 60% Of YOUR Customers Are on Mobile

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Calls driven by mobile search

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How to Identify the Right KPIs for Online Video

Mobile Video KPIs Google

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Here are some lessons from Google’s BrandLab that Kim Larson, Global Director at Google’s BrandLab, who works with hundreds of brands each year as the global head of BrandLab, shares on on “How to Identify the Right KPIs for Online Video”, generally on video ads, not just mobile video ads. Kim shares her four-step method for getting to the right key performance indicators (KPIs):

When it comes to measuring a video ad’s success, views aren’t everything!

Google’s BrandLab has partnered with thousands of brand marketers to learn about their challenges and help them think digital-first. And over the years, there’s one question they’ve heard again and again from marketers:

“How many views means my video is successful?”

Kim says: views may be the proverbial public scorecard, but they’re not always the best way to track progress against a brand’s unique goals. At the BrandLab, we refocus teams on identifying the right KPIs for those goals. We use a thought-provoking exercise designed to unpack the question we wish we were asked more often:

“Which KPIs should we be tracking to understand if our video campaign is successful?”

In the article “How to Identify the Right KPIs for Online Video”, Kim shares that exercise with the reader —the questions they ask, the answers they work toward—so that you can help your teams look beyond views, too.

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