Sales pages have similar elements, which you can think of as ‘ingredients’. Those elements are:

  1. A clear, compelling headline
  2. An image of the product or service
  3. An explanation of exactly what’s included
  4. A list of benefits the customer will get from the product
  5. Testimonials from satisfied customers
  6. The price (and the different pricing options, if applicable)
  7. A money-back guarantee (if applicable)
  8. A buy button
  9. No sidebar

Prices and headlines are very important when you are talking about a sales page. You have to be able to give people a money back guarantee. This money back guarantee is going to give customers more confidence about the fact that they could get their money back if there is something faulty about the product. You also want to have good customer testimonials on the page. These testimonials should be as accurate as possible.

Key Takeaways:

  • For e-commerce merchants that have blogs, it's important to include a page that explains to visitors all the skinny on your products and services
  • This crucial page should be accessible by various means, including the navigation bar, your social media account and guest posts.
  • A good sales page will include a product image and an overview of the product's components as well as its perceived benefits for the client.

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