In the coming year, there will be several new trends and practitioners must use them to their advantage fast.

These trends include e.g. using chatbots and conversational marketing as a front line engagement.

Voice search is another growing arena.

Personalization will continue to be key in advertising and in generating an optimal customer user experience.

Video marketing will become a maintain of most campaigns.

Marketing will be built around social commerce and content that includes shoppable posts.

Best practices will also include managing micro-moments and taking advantage of omnichannel marketing.

The growing importance of privacy demands privacy marketing to respond to consumers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Chatbots are a cost-effective method to get information about your customers.
  • Creating buyer personas is a great way to take advantage of micro-moments.
  • The key to omnichannel marketing is to use the same platforms your target audience uses.

“These digital marketing best practices will give your digital marketing a huge boost, but don’t … think you have to implement them all at once.” by Jacinda Santora

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