Nowadays, it's difficult to make money without offering people technology.

As a result, the marketing of such things has grown incredibly complicated.

Here are six strong examples of technology companies' products that stand out from the pack.

Slack's State of Work details reports on the industry.

Buffer has found additional success with their Science of Social Media podcast.

Blendtec has enchanted YouTube viewers with their web series, Will It Blend.

Bumble has created the dating app, BFF.

Dell Technologies creates STEM content for young girls.

Finally, Squanch Games bigwigs post on Reddit and Discord to connect with their audience.

3 Key Takeaways:

  1. Content MarketingBuffer offers branded podcasts and even writes up a blog post to go with each episode.
  2. Blendtec videos are popular on YouTube and feature people putting various objects in blenders to see if they will blend.
  3. Bumble's BFF feature allows single people to connect with others on a platonic basis.

“It’s extremely difficult to turn a profit without offering (or leveraging) some kind of tech in 2019, which means marketing those products has become very complex.”

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