Having a solid game plan in place to make your business as profitable as possible is something every business owner should stick to, but creating your own sales pipeline is even better.

The ability to create a concrete plan will help you not only attract more satisfied customers, but attract new leads as well for future sales. Having a sales pipeline will enable you to track your profits and losses each step of the way in order to find success marks and areas that need intervention.

Key Takeaways:

  • One way to keep the pipeline always churning out new prospects is to ensure that you always have more prospective contacts than you can actually see.
  • Their are five specific stages to a sales pipeline and each one provides useful data for analysis.
  • The five specific stages are prospecting, qualification, proposal, deal closing and generating repeat business.

How to perk up your sales pipeline efficiency:

  1. Track progress at each stage of your sales pipeline
  2. Understand the potential of your sales pipeline
  3. Push forth the velocity of each stage of the pipeline
  4. Identify points of lead leakage and control lead loss
  5. Increase the prospect influx with better acquisition techniques
  6. Use a pipeline management tool to boost productivity

[social_quote duplicate=”yes” align=”default”]”Building a successful sales pipeline mainly means that sales reps are able to lead more contacts from the initial stage to the deal closure stage to become customers.”[/social_quote]

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