Content marketing can be tough to manage.

Making sure that your whole team is on the same track is pivotal to success in a moderately saturated market.

Regularly looking at your content to see what can improve is a big step towards making sure you are not making the same mistakes over.

You can use software to automate your scheduling of content marketing.

This can make it so you can have your staff working efficiently on creating ideas instead of routine processes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Audit your content on a regular basis to see what is effective and where you have gaps in your workflow.
  • A content marketing software program will automate the content monitoring process and help you become more organized.
  • Automated workflows can help members of a team communicate with each other instead of getting bogged down in email chains.

“Content marketing workflows enable you to define repeatable processes including individual or team task assignment, approval structures and communication protocols.”

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