Browsers are notoriously fickle. In fact, data suggests that even should you get one of these mercurial web-hoppers to actually alight upon your site, there remains a 97% chance they'll be very quickly moving on. As an e-commerce entity, attempting to get these gadflys to not just alight, but to stay awhile, you'll need to provide some stick to your web to ensure they do just that.

Tried and true attention-getters that can convert to sales include discounts, contests and challenges. If you can't get a sale right off the bat, at least aim for some contact info with an e-book, or subscription offer. And don't rest on your laurels once you do get a sale. For browsers who've already swallowed the bait, there's more sticky stuff to keep them coming back. Consider loyalty programs, for example, and targeted upsales and cross-sales.

Key Takeaways:

  • Since mobile users are like marauding gadflys, hitting sites and then leaving fast, the trick is to bait them so they linger.
  • Discounts, contests, challenges and loyalty programs are all useful ways to turn browsers into buyers and then keep them returning once you get them.
  • Even if a sale proves impossible, it is still,possible to score useful contact info by offering site-landers the option of subscribing, or getting freebies, like e-books.

Here is the list of what to do to boost your engagement and sales:

21. Support a Charity
1. Offer Coupons and Discounts
2. Offer eBooks and Other Lead Magnets
3. Offer a Loyalty Program
4. Host Giveaways
5. Conduct Contests
6. Create a Challenge
7. Cross-sell
8. Up-sell
9. Showcase Top Sellers
10. Create Interactive Assistants
11. Create Video Demonstrations: Product Videos, explainer Videos, Interactive and Shoppable Videos
12. Highlight Risk Reducers
13. Present Product Plugs (Testimonials, Reviews, etc.)
14. Provide Wishlists
15. Present Trust Badges
16. Present User-Generated Content
17. Use Satisfaction Surveys
18. Present Exit Intent Popups
19. Send Cart abandonment Emails
20. Send Automated emails
22. Promote Around Special Occasions
23. Make Customers your Sales Force
24. Send Instagrammers to Your Store
25. Send Shoppers to your Instagram
26. Publish Product Landing Pages
27. Explore Mobile Advertising
28. Expand Shipping Options
29. Create Auto-Ship Options
30. Optimize for Buyers That Are Shopping for Ideas
31. Offer Live Chat
32. Bring Ace Media Buyers to the Table

[social_quote duplicate=”yes” align=”default”]”However, in the digital shopping realm, coupons play a role beyond simply providing a purchase incentive.”[/social_quote]

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