ProBlogger’s main event coordinator recently released a podcast illustrating ways to save on business endeavors while profiting in the long run. One of the main ways they suggest to do this is by simplifying your business plan so that one event does not dominate most of your time and effort. By simplifying all of your business projects, one specific operation will not dominate your time, which will end up saving you money by allowing you to expand on a wide array of projects instead of one singular event.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sometimes adding more and more to an event is less profitable than paring down to the essentials, thereby stressing the audience less.
  • If an event is swallowing up time that could be useful for other priorities, besides servicing only a small sector of an audience, it's truly worth considering scaling back.
  • Another big red flag, indicating the need for an overhaul, is if the cost of creating and hosting the event outstripping the profits from it.

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