There are 16 visual storytelling tips that will give your content marketing a big boost.

The numbers are actually pretty staggering and marketers are placing a lot of emphasis on their visual content. 74 percent of marketers use visual assets in their marketing strategy.

By 2019, video will account for around 80 percent of traffic. One tip that people should know about is always using a visual. It might seem very obvious, but it needs to be reinforced.

The numbers are staggering – marketers are investing heavily in visual content:

  • 74% of marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing – Social Media Examiner
  • 93% of senior marketers say photography is either important or critical to their overall marketing strategies – CMO Council
  • Video will account for 80% of all internet traffic by 2019 – Cisco

Do you want to produce visual content and use it to catch your audience’s attention?

Below find 16 strategies your content marketing team should try:

1. Always use a visual
2. Start with a creative pitch
3. Build a consistent visual identity across platforms

4. Connect with a value
5. Source gorgeous photography
6. Get started with video

7. Geek out on GIFs
8. Test live video image

National Geographics Live Video

9. Experiment with 360-degree video

10. Source user-generated content
11. Engage with graphics and infographics
12. Work closely with influencers

13. Highlight real employees and customers
14. Interact with other brands
15. Publish your best photos in real time

16. Go behind the scenes