Visual marketing is extremely important as it's the best way to attract leads, increase sales, boost website traffic and provide a great return on investment.

One of the first things that you can do to improve your visual content is to create a logo and stay consistent with your #colors and #fonts.

You want your brand to be recognizable.

You should also aim to be creative and original and you can do this by making up funny #memes.

It's also important for you to compress your #images and not use #StockPhotos.

You want to come across as natural and transparent.

General Visual Content Creation Tips

1. Stay Consistent Across All Platforms
2. Invest in and Use Your Logo
3. Align Your Visual Elements


Social Media Content Creation Tips

4. Get the Dimensions Right
5. Show Your Creativity by Being Original
6. Use Images Relevant to Your Business


Blogging Visual Content Creation Tips

7. Find the Right Width and Height for Your Blog’s Images
8. Avoid Stock Photos (But Don’t Break Copyright Laws)
9. Compress Your Images
10. Use Alt Tags (Not Just for SEO)
11. Don’t Load Images With Too Much Text

Video Content Creation Tips

12. Write the Script First and Record After
13. Check Your Lighting
14. Invest in the Right Audio Equipment
15. Invest in the Proper Video Editing Tools

Key Takeaways:

  • Video marketing is extremely valuable as it boosts site #traffic, attracts more #leads and increases #sales.
  • A great tip for #ContentCreation is to keep your brand consistent. Create a logo, use the same #colours for your #brand as well as the same font so it becomes easily recognized.
  • Be original and create unique #content. This could include things that are funny like memes or things that are more serious like the story behind your brand.

“You know how they say a photo is worth a thousand words? Well, they’re actually worth a lot more to #DigitalMarketers,” says Nathan Thompson, a father, writer for Optinmonster, and a lover of travel.

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