A lot of businesses make A/B testing mistakes that cost them time and money they can’t afford, because they don’t understand how what A/B tests are and how to run them correctly.

A/B testing is an amazing way to improve your conversions, for any business. We’ve seen OptinMonster customers use split testing to easily get more sales qualified leadsincrease their email list, and even boost conversions by 1500%.

The truth is, there’s a lot more to A/B testing than just setting up a test. If you really want to see the improvements that split testing can bring, you’ll need to run your tests the right way, and avoid the errors that undermine your results.

In this article, you’ll discover the A/B testing mistakes many businesses make so you can avoid them, and learn how to use split testing the RIGHT way to discover the hidden strategies that can skyrocket your conversions.

1. Split Testing the Wrong Page

2. Having an Invalid Hypothesis

3. Split Testing Too Many Items

4. Running Too Many Split Tests at Once

5. Getting the Timing Wrong

6. Working with the Wrong Traffic

7. Testing Too Early

8. Changing Parameters Mid-Test

9. Measuring Results Inaccurately

10. Using Different Display Rules

11. Running Tests on the Wrong Site

12. Giving Up on Split Testing

13. Blindly Following Split Testing Case Studies

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