If you are a person who works with video marketing, there are certain statistics that you will need to know.

First, the platform of choice for business videos is a desktop, as those videos are viewed on desktop 87% of the time.

An interesting stat is that 22% of business videos are viewed on a Thursday with the next popular day being Wednesday at 18%.

Companies distribute videos through their own websites 85% of the time and most of those videos are less than 2 minutes long.

The shorter the video, the more effective as people tend to be busy and don't have the time to watch long videos.

Here are the 12 stats:

1. The Platform of Choice for Business Video Viewing Is Desktop 87% of the Time
2. 22% of Business Video Views Happen on Thursdays
3. The Preferred Video Content Type for Businesses Is a Webinar in 56% of Cases
4. Companies Distribute Videos Through Their Websites 85% of the Time
5. 73% of Videos Are Two Minutes or Less in Length
6. Only 15% of Businesses Do Not Use Metrics to Measure Video Effectiveness
7. 68% of People Will Watch a Full Video if It’s a Minute Long or Less
8. 52% of Small and Medium Businesses Use Both Internal and External Resources to Create Videos
9. 13% of the Business Videos Published for the Year Appeared in October
10. Companies With 31-200 Employees Create Nearly As Many Videos As Those With More Than 5,000 Workers
11. High-Tech Companies Produce an Average of 425 Videos Annually
12. People Watch the Most Videos in the Mornings if It’s a Weekday

Video marketingKey Takeaways:

  • ‘Desktop' is the most popular device for people to watch B2B marketing videos.
  • People prefer shorter videos, and statistics show that they are less likely to watch the full video if they are longer than one minute.
  • Small and medium-sized businesses have been shown to get the help of internal and outside sources to produce their B2B videos.

“You don’t want your videos to get lost in a crowded marketplace filled with fellow content producers. Therefore, timing is everything, and will likely remain crucial for video marketing in 2020 and beyond,” says Kayla Matthews at ConvinceAndConvert.com

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