Since paid advertising like Google Adwords and even Facebook Ads are increasing in cost and, in some cases, decreasing in effectiveness, companies of all sizes and shapes are turning to earned exposure through influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing seeks to use pre-existing networks of trust, communication, and respect to appeal to customers indirectly through other consumers or professional/personal contacts, as opposed to directly targeting internet users with stand-alone ads.

This kind of marketing plays an outsized role in business-to-business purchases that don't necessarily target the general public. Influencer marketing is slower and requires a deep knowledge of influencers, their networks and audiences and their potential conflicts of interest. However, by making influencers into stakeholders and using their knowledge and connections to their fullest, it is often possible to reach customers who would be inured to direct paid advertising from outside their network.

Key Points:
11 Things You Must Know About B2B Influencer Marketing (and Why It’s Different from B2C)
Lengthen Your Time Horizon
Look First for Existing Advocates
Look Second for Who Influencers Your Customers
Don’t Focus Only on Social Strength
Create B2B Influencer Dossiers
Be Hyper-Aware of B2B Influencer Conflicts
Build Relationships with Trends and Predictions
Spend the Time to Educate on Products
Focus on Co-Creation
Attract Influencers to Your Brand

Key Takeaways:

  • Make sure you allow yourself ample time for a successful B2B campaign, as it typically takes a bit longer.
  • It is recommended that you should give yourself at least six months when it comes to implementing B2B approaches.
  • Find a way to analyze what your consumers are already reading and watching in order to ensure that the campaign aligns with their interests.

“In reality,[social_quote duplicate=”yes” align=”default”] influencer marketing is more important for B2B than for B2C[/social_quote]. After all, the average purchase size in B2B typically dwarfs that in B2C, and the impact of referrals and word of mouth are more critical to the success of the organization.”

The good news: It’s Okay to Have Fun with B2B Influencer Marketing

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