No matter what size organization you work for, you have decisions to make – or at least discuss – prior to jumping into the evaluation of marketing automation providers. Once you get the green light to acquire a marketing automation system, start the review process to better identify which vendor is right for your organization with these 10 questions.

1. Is there an internal team set up to manage the evaluation and eventual implementation?

2. What internal and third-party tools does your company use? Which ones must remain? Which ones can you live without? Which ones would be nice to add?

3. How large is your contact database across all internal systems?

4. How clean and accurate is your internal database?

5. Do you have a standard set of fields and values for which you collect data?

6. Have you created an inventory of all your internal offer assets, forms, landing pages, email templates, etc.?

7. What is your budget for this project and does the platform build in flexibility for potential year-over-year price increases?

8. Do you know what vendor questions to ask?

9. What browser(s) does your internal IT team support?

10. Did you create a wish list?

Here is what an evaluation team might consist of:

  • Marketing and sales leadership
  • Experienced sales team members
  • CRM administrators
  • Folks from event, customer service, and IT teams0

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